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I'm a new member. My survival knowledge is very limited. I live on the Eastern Shore and homeschool my kids. I strongly believe that part of their education needs to include not being so dependent on modern technology and survival lessons can also double as history/social studies or science lessons (if anyone has ideas on how to apply it to other subjects let me know.)
I was exposed to a good amount of survival training when I was younger but I didn't retain most of it but I think that's mostly because I would practice whatever skill it was once and then never again. Use it or lose it is very true when it comes to knowledge.
I don't shun the internet and all modern technology. I would love to have robots clean my house. The internet can be a useful tool, it is a world of information at your fingertips. I let my oldest play around on scratch which teaches kids how to code which if she chooses to follow that career path will probably help her with job opportunities in the future. 
That being said disaster situations are real and can happen to anyone and everyone and I'd prefer for myself and my family to learn how to survive without the grid before a situation like that occurs instead of it happening and being unprepared or underprepared.
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What area are you interested in starting with first?

My kid has been learning a few " plant friends" here and there. Later I fill in more info about those plants. Mostly starting with the easy to identify edibles.

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