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Here a vid from a place I go to in West Virginia

I've posted some reviews of the training I received out there from time to time. Actually took a defensive handgun class with my daughter this past February. This was a military unit using the place and myself and a few other guys were privileged to act as op-for for them in force on force exercises and as a plus i got to do everything you see there except the blackhawk fast ropes (:. Besides having a blast, literally, I learned a hell of a lot from them.

The MVT group is starting what they call a tacgun challenge, think of it as a tactical mud run. Details are here.

If anyone is interested in good solid tactical training MVT is a place to go, they are about 40 miles west of Winchester and now have basic accommodations on site.

PS. The Force on Force stuff uses UTM ammo.
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I recently took a uscca home defence class in with Boston Hill training out of Frostburg. He doesn't have his own place but it was still great. There is another training place called Storm Mountain Training Center that is pretty neat but I havent taken a class with them but they are closer to me in western md.
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Both definitely worth looking into! Thanks!

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This is coming up the beginning of the month

Done it before its excellent
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