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Old Spot piglets
Little guys
We have these out on Craigslist and the breeder forums too. Thought someone here might be interested in them for the homestead.

We have Gloucestershire Old Spot piglets for sale Born 11/11 . Ready to go mid December. Asking $125 for feeders and $350 for breeders (Red Group). Boars will be cut in about a week. These are hardy pigs that can forage well in pasture, are very docile and grow well. This isn't your standard pork either, more marbling and not dry. Great for small hometead or folks looking to try growing their own. Think Black Angus steer vs a dairy steer.

For Breeding:
Per GOSPBU CI calculator these piglets are ~12% CI. Litter is currently registered with GOSPBU and will also be registered with GOSA. We have four boars and two gilts. Two of the boars and both gilts are excellent breeding candidates.
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I'm going to bump this. Pretty much same data. I have a boar and a gilt available right now. Both about 8 weeks old. Going to cut the boar this week. These guys would be a solid market weight by about Christmas. Figure about #220 hanging weight by then.

FWIW we are expecting another litter Mid August.
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That is awesome! Thanks!

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The August litter is here, we have nine on the ground. This is the same sow from last year . When we cut the boars to barrows you'll have a nice pig for the butcher by say Feb.

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