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Good Online Canning Class
Hi, if anyone is interested in an online canning course here's one I can recommend.  I just started taking it myself and am impressed with the instructor's knowledge of canning methods and up-to-date safety procedures as well as her enthusiasm for the subject.  (I am not involved with running the course and do not financially benefit from recommending it).  It's called "Canning with Confidence" and covers both water bath and pressure canning.  The instructor is Melissa K. Norris, a homesteader out in Washington State.  Her website, which has information about the course and its cost, is  I first learned about the course from my Thrive food storage consultant.  The course format includes videos of the instructor canning various types of seasonal items, live Q&A sessions, handouts of charts, instructions, and recipes to download, and a private Facebook group for course members.  New course videos will be added as the year progresses showing the instructor canning additional types of foods. Zabeth (in Harford County)
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Thanks !
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