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Bulk Food Suppliers in Harford County?
Hi!  Are there any good stores or suppliers in Harford County that sell grains, legumes, and herbs, etc., in bulk?  Thanks!  Zabeth
Some of the Indian / Hispanic groceries do and there is or was an LDS cannery in MD, but I'm not sure of their status

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Thanks Kralizec, I'll check to see if there are any Indian or Hispanic groceries near my new residence. I'm guessing that I might also find some bulk products at a "natural foods" store or co-op if I can locate one near me. I contacted the LDS Home Storage Center (at 7979 Penn-Randall Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772) this morning and was told that it's still open to non-LDS folks on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. From what I learned in my previous visits there (a couple of years ago) it seems as though it's always a good idea to call there first (301-735-5131) before heading over there to double check the hours and, if possible, to check on the availability of the particular item(s) you want to buy before heading out for the potentially long drive to Upper Marlboro :-)
Costco and Sam's club are also an option. I get my rice there
Yes, warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's, etc., are definitely good sources for certain reasonably priced bulk items. Their large containers of herbs and spices are also a pretty good deal - especially if you plan to vacuum seal them in canning jars (or package them in Mylar bags with Oxygen absorbers) for up to 3-5 years of shelf life. When I can afford it, though, I like to get my bulk herb and spices from the Penzeys Spices store in Rockville. The quality is fabulous, and it's a gourmet "experience" just walking in there and smelling all the wonderful scents!
I grew up in MoCo and will have to check them out!
Great! I'll be interested to see if you like their herbs and spices as much as I do. When you visit their store (it was on Rockville Pike the last time I checked), be sure to pick up one off their latest catalogs. They're usually in a basket by the door and normally have great free recipes inside as well as good information about the different herbs, spices, and blends that Penzeys sells. It's also possible order from them online of course - but going in person is best, I think, because you get to check out what each spice, herb and blend actually smells and looks like before purchasing any ;-)
Cool thanks!

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