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How is the hunting in your area
We have had a tough year
I have not been out much but the deer seem to only be moving in the dark with any regularity. I have a group of 3 good size does that are pretty regular and one smaller buck and a very nice buck that make appearances. I have only been out about 4 times though so my odds aren't good. From the sound of it the folks around me are doing pretty well though. Lol
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I wonder if it is the relatively mild weather
Buckskin & all the other Skins, Nice to hear from you again, it's been a long time. How's the hunting out your way ? I've had a little trouble getting around lately and haven't gotten out but I'm hoping everyone else is scoring. Keep in touch.

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I know I'm not seeing them along the roads as much as previous years.

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I have a brother who hunts waterfowl n he says it sucks this yr. The weather is so mild the geese haven't been pushed south yet.
Deer, I haven't seen as many as I remember in past years. I wonder if the warm weather has something to do with that also.I've been letting my daughters boyfriends go out during the firearm and late muzzleloader. I told them bucks only.The youngest (19) shot a nice 4 pt with his shotgun. His 1st deer so he's happy. The other boy(20) didn't get his shotgun sighted in so was using his Dad's smoothbore with open sights n missed one. I hope he can get one yet. It's good to get young ones into hunting, the one boy's parents don't like guns but that's not stopping him.
Well I shot a nice doe on the extra rifle season. I wanted to go out during the blizzard but with a blown out knee the boss said it was not a very good idea I have been seeing a few out down where I hunt here by the house.

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