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Beating planned absolence
I am all about getting quality items that will stand the test of time. I don't even mind paying a little bit more for them.

What kind of things have you found?

Silicone based wiper blades!
Skip to the 2 min mark.


Appliances with simple knobs and no computer controlled circuitry. Washer, dryer, etc..
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Deception is about when it come to appliances. Even if it has an analog input, often times it'sl an encoder tied to a control board.

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You almsot have to buy old stuff to get simple and reliable, and also look for the most popular things, parts will be much easier to find.
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What are the things that people heard about that might have a higher quality version that is not sold at stores?
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How much pork can a pack pig pack if a pack pig could pack pork? - AmmoSgt
Just about any product sold at big box stores like Walmart,homedepot and lowes. Things like lawn equipment and tools that are build to sell in these box stores, but are build to their standards not the quality of the original product. Like John Deere equipment . If compared to John Deere stores.
I repaired my 38 year old clothes dryer recently (just a broken belt), both because it was cheaper and faster, and because I know that any future repairs can also be made cheaper and faster. Replacing it would have been more expensive and taken longer, and would guarantee the functional death of the replacement within a decade.

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