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Lyme Disease
I'm sorry for her Frankenstein. I'm ~still~ waiting for the test results for definitive diagnosis and to begin treatment (things must be much slower here in the old west [of Maryland]). I hope they caught hers early enough to prevent long term issues.
Most of the stuff I've read said when it comes to lymes, treat the symptoms not the test results. It's nothing to roll the dice over and there just aren't any very reliable testing methods out there.

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I have a friend that suffered from Lymes symptoms for about 5 years before the disease was finally diagnosed. She went through the whole IV antibiotic treatment but still couldn't get rid of it. She finally went to a homeopathic doctor in Philly who specializes in Lymes, whom she claims cured her of it. I've been reading a lot about natural medicine for the past few years and a lot of cures do exist there that regular doctors know nothing about.

Check out and do a search for Lymes there. Read as many articles as you can on it a to see which cures fit your lifestyle best. There are other good naturopathic/homeopathic doctors around that are closer than Philly, I'll ask mine about Lymes when I talk to her. Don't stop searching for answers and never believe your doctor when they tell you nothing else can be done for your condition.

EDIT: Another reason it's important to be able to treat these things naturally is that we might not always have access to antibiotics in the future, and even now many of them are not working the way they used to.
Ran into this,,,, might be worth a look see.?
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Free today, don't know for how long, is a book that may be of interest to those of us with or with loved ones with Lyme Disease.
Seems they are having great success using Stevia as a treatment.

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