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A Neat Tip
I saw somewhere, can't recall where, that a crayon would burn like a candle. Pretty good alternate use for a crayon in a pinch.The tip said that it would burn for about 30 minutes.
So, today I had a little time to kill and tried it out. It works. First you cut the pointed tip of the crayon off at the paper. Then, heat the opposite end until the wax melts enough to mount the crayon upright on a non-flammable surface. Next make a slit with the tip of your knife down the paper to within a 1/4" of the bottom of the crayon. This slit gives the wax a place to go.. otherwise it will just extinguish itself once the paper burns down a bit. I did all of this without the slit at first then realized the wax needed a place to drain as the paper burned. Once I made the slit then the little crayon burned for 53 minutes.. Pretty neat!
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Love it... Big hacked a crayon
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i'd seen that - tempted to try using them as fire starters for backpacking campfires.
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I saw that posted on FB. I tried it as well. I was amazed it actually worked.
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its a handy use for those horrible cheap crayons you get at restaurants when you take the kids. those things can barely color, but i bet they burn.
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(09-18-2013, 05:05 PM)AmmoSgt Wrote: Love it... Big hacked a crayon

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You can also melt down broken or small crayons and pour them into a container with a wick/wicks and make larger candles. I have a few old candles my wife was going to throw away that I have added wax to.
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