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Spray On Water repellant - Rustoleum's "Never Wet"
Saw this article.....

Rust_Oleum's Never Wet

I usualy spray down a lot of my work gear with water repellant. I know its not water proof..but definitely helps in very light rain, mists, etc. Ive never tried this one but ive tried "Camp Dry" and other similar items. I also saw a link on youtube about someone mixing a tube of silicone and putting it on a tarp of some sort..

Just thought I'd pass it along..
the thinned silicon is for doing the same thing as commercial sil-nylon. it is waterproof if done right.

ran across this rustoleum product a week or two ago and really want to try it.
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Apparently oils (like from your skin) and any kind of detergents kills it....
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